Psychedelic me by Isha is a beauty/make up blog about make up and fashion and everything in between. This also serves as an online portfolio of the author.

Isha is a 20 y/o International Studies graduate from San Beda Alabang who just started her career as a free-lance make up artist. She was a cheer leader and a student leader in college. Her love for make up started when she was still a little girl. She hides in her room playing with her mom's make up which she does until now and the only difference is that she plays with her own make up collection now. She learned the proper way of putting make up to herself as well as to others through constant practice and with the help of watching make up gurus in youtube. Her friends and family members were her first customers/models which helped a lot in developing her skills.

July 04,2011 she created this blog to show her love for make up by posting looks she created( both original and inspired by celebrities and other make up gurus) posting hauls and product discoveries as well as product reviews that would help her readers. Another reason for doing this blog is for her to learn from fellow beauty bloggers/make up lover and the like. She also loves to answer beauty/make up related questions from her friends and readers. This blog also serves as her online portfolio.

Aside from make up Isha is also a fashion lover. She still can't decide whether she will save her make up train case or her closet in case of fire. She goes by the saying "why dress down, when you can dress up."
Travelling is another thing close to her heart. Her goal is to travel the whole or most of Asia by the age of 30. She also wants to go back to Las Vegas and Florida in the near future.

Currently she is dreaming of going to a make up school so she can call herself a professional make up artist. God , family and her boyfriend are her inspirations in everything she does.