Martes, Hulyo 19, 2011

Current Favorite: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude

Hi guys ! I'll be sharing to you my current favorite lipstick.  Revlon Color burst 070 Soft Nude! I'm so in love  with this lipstick!

First for the packaging, the quilted surface makes it look classy! It looks expensive but it's not. The cap perfectly fits! I can say that the packaging is very good for a drugstore make up. By the way I got this lippie from my Aunt who works in Israel. It was love at first sight or should I say it was 'Love at first swipe'!

with flash.

without flash

Its very creamy and glides easily on the lips. It has no shimmer which I really like and my lips don't feel dry every time I use this. The nude color is just the "exact" nude color for me. I don't look dead or i'm running out of blood! After falling in love with this, I want to try the other colors of Revlon ColorBurst collection! 

With flash

without flash

This lipstick is perfect with dramatic eyes! Here is one look I did using this lipstick. Click HERE for my blog post about this look. The lipstick costs around $6-$8, i'm not sure cause as I have said  this was a gift. Will I buy this lipstick again? YES YES YES!! plus the other colors as well! 

So obviously I love everything about this lipstick, i'm not saying that it's perfect but I can't find anything that I don't like about this product.


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  2. I have this lipstick too, the color is so pretty~ :D

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  4. this is such a pretty color :) looks great on you <3

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