Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

My first ever Train Case!

I was so happy yesterday because finally I have my train case! New home for my make up collection!
And what's special about it? My boyfriend surprised me! <3 He bought it before I did! 

I found this box inside his car (first 2 pictures from my blackberry)


I was planning to get a bigger one but this one is just perfect for a beginner like me! Isn't she pretty? I'm thinking of a cute name for my new best bud!

It looks a little small in the pictures. Thank God my boyfriend picked this color! 

When I first opened it I was like, "ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

I know this is small compared to other make up train cases but I love it because it's my first ever and it was a gift from my special guy! :) In few months, i'll get the bigger one or another one.

2 komento:

  1. Aw this one is cute! Do you have name na ba for ur new best buddy? Boyfie is sweet for getting this traincase for you.. :)

    You can meet Say naman if you'll let her know through twitter then mgseset sya ng date kung kelan sya pwede. I swear she is so pretty!

    Followed you btw! <3

  2. i can't think of a name yet! haha! i hope i can meet her soon!

    i have a question, huhuh ,since im new here on blogger, how can I see my followers? cos some people told me they followed me but I can't see it on my followers :(


thank you for your comment lovely!