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REVIEW: elf eyelid primer collection (pre-use)

Yesterday I had a little make up shopping in SM department store and this eyelid primer from Eyes lips face is one of the stuff I grabbed. I'm not planning to get this whole set but the single tube costs PHP 129 while this set cost PHP249. (plus the single tube is so small!)

What does it promise?
* longer lasting and crease-proof  eyeshadow
*you can also wear it alone, yes w/o any e/s!

So here is how the set looks like. It comes in three colors.
1 nude
2 pearl
3 champagne

I asked the saleslady what is the difference of the three besides its color, she told me that its all the same & she also told me that the pearl color can be used as a brow bone highlighter. I was intrigued about that one.

outside the box.

a more realistic view of the colors (since the bottles are tinted with their colors!)

Here are the swatches of the primers when blended and when the e/s is applied.
This is my favorite among the three. 


Now I know why the saleslady told me that this color can be used as a brow bone highlighter simply because it has this little glitters on it. (which I don't really like!) 

See how shimmery it is? I think its not really advisable to use this if you will use a matte color eyeshadow unless you want that effect. 

For the creasing, i'm planning to apply this product on days that I really need to wear dramatic eyeshadow for a long time. ( I'll  give you an update to that!)
 As for my opinion I would give this eyelid primer a score of  3 out of five. I'm not really satisfied with the product (based on my initial try and this swatches). I want my eyelid primer  to intensify the colors (well, it's not mentioned in the box that it does!)  and not just crease-proof and for long wear.

Will I purchase this again? Hmmm.. Maybe not! It's cheap for an eyelid primer but this is not the primer i'm looking for.

Hope this would help!


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