Linggo, Setyembre 04, 2011

Philippine Cosmetics Expo Haul

Holla lovies! 

Yesterday I went to the Phil Cosmetics Expo held in SM Megamall. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures since I was so busy looking around plus I want to leave SM megamall as soon as possible. There are only few stores to see in the expo but it was okay with me since i'm not really planning to buy a lot of stuff. 

So here is my haul for the event....

I got two new palettes from Dollface cosmetics! I was only planning to get one but my boyfriend bought the other one.

Here is the first palette. It's the 88 Color Palette. 

and the other one is 66 lip color palette! I love the colors and how pigmented they are! Dollface was on 10% anniversary sale for a minimum purchase of 1,000 pesos so I got both palettes for only 1,300!

Next is this face brush I got from a random store for only 50 pesos.

Ever Bilena was on 50% off for the last day of the expo! I can't resist not to grab few items from them! I bought most of EB items for my mom and Auntie.

I grabbed this e/s because I loved the colors!

Here are the swatches:

 Studio Finish Stick foundation.

Blush on

Matte Lipstick in Off beat pink. 
I forgot the prices for each item but as far as I remember I got everything for less than 300php! Steal right?

And for my best purchase of the day..... YES! I bought a puppy! It was unplanned! We saw a lady selling some puppies in BF and we fell inlove how cute she is! She's a maltese and we named her Zoey! She looks a little dirty in the picture because she's not allowed to take a bath because of her recent injection. I love her!

So that's for my recent haul! Tell me what you think or drop some love!! 

Until next post!

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  1. I love the puppy the most! <3 But those Dollface palettes are a steal! Of course EB @ 50% off who would let it pass? I was only able to get 2 lippies from them. Thanks for sharing babe!

  2. the puppy is sooooo cute! :3 nice haul btw!

  3. Adorable puppy! That's beautiful colour make up set. :D

  4. lovely....great the palettes..

  5. That's a very cute puppy you have! :)

  6. awesome haul! 1300 is such a steal for both dollface palettes. :D I'll go look for that EB Studio Finish Foundation Stick I've read so many good reviews about it.

  7. Puppy is so adorable. I have the 88 palette and I love it. It's so pigmented!

  8. puppy is so adorable and i so want to try that palette from doll face!
    great haul!
    i love!

  9. Best purchase talag ung puppy. Ang cute. Gusto ko din nyan.. ♥


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