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Laneige Make up workshop

During the last week of September, I saw an announcement in Mall of Asia that Laneige will be having a make up work shop with one of their international make up artist Min Hyuk Park. I immediately went to Laneige's s store in Mall of Asia to sign up.

On the first week of October I found out that they will have an exclusive make up workshop for bloggers and luckily I got an invite.

I first learned about the brand on youtube haul videos and how girls (even non korean) rave about their skin care products. Laneige is a famous korean cosmetics and skin care brand that is now here in the Philippines.
La neige is a French word that means 'the snow'. Snow forms when vapour droplets solidify around dust particles as they fall from the clouds to the ground. 
Snow is crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes, which are typicallt hexagonally symmetrical. Snowflakes can come in many different, visually appealing forms, including columns, needles, and plates. They are like works of art crafted by the hands of nature using moisture and wind as tools. Crystalline water ice formed in the night sky. Snowflakes that fall to the ground remind us of floral leaves scattered by the winds. Snow that falls on your skin shines like a gem. Snow that piles up on the ground is pure and clear beyond measure. Eventually, they silently melt to become water.
In the context of LANEIGE, 'snow is born with moisture (water) and changes into various shapes and colors as it moves freely in space time'

Meet Mr. Park

Admit it or not you love how flawless, young looking and healthy looking korean skins are! Mr. Park shared some secrets and techniques on how koreans do their everyday make up with Laniege's Dazzling Holiday collection.

Mr. Park emphasizes on how important skin care is. We should apply toner, moisturizer, sunblock and under eye creams before our concealer and foundation routine. Since our weather is hot and humid compared to their weather in Korea he taught us on how we should do our routine as well as on the amount of product that should be applied. Yes, it's a lot of work to do especially for busy people but it's gonna be worth it.
Here is a summary
*  Apply skin care products such as moisturizer, sunblock and eye cream before applying make up. Massage it to your face in an upward motion so the skin will absorb the product. It is also a technique in avoiding pre mature aging.
*During daytime, apply small amount  of moisturizer and sunblock to avoid excess oil and apply generous amount before sleeping or at night time.
* For foundation, you can use your clean fingers or a brush. Using your fingers will give a more natural look. Apply foundation in an upward motion.

* Instead of using just one product, use both eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder. Outline with the pencil and fill with the powder. This is a faster technique and your brows will look more natural.
* For korean make up Less is more! Koreans like natural looking make up. Avoid heavy make up specially at day time. (This is very true considering our weather!)
* Apply blush on and highlight parts of your face for a natural looking glow on skin. Always consider the shape of your face when highlighting. Highlight points of your face like brow bone and nose bridge.
* Set your make up with a powder using a brush. Use a tapping motion instead of a wiping motion. Tapping motion will set your make up better because wiping motion might leave brush marks.

*Remove excess oil using a powder puff. Dab it on your face.
* Apply a natural looking lipstick and apply a gloss that is the same or compliments the lipstick color.

The very pretty model. Left without make up and right with makeup. See how natural her make up is? 
I think I need these products in my life! :P

I  love their selection of eyeshadows! 
Thank you so much Laneige for the awesoem loot bag! I am so in love with the make up bag! Perfect for my future work (?)  I will visit Laneige's store soon to check the products used during the workshop! You should check them too! I'm sure you'll love all their product! They have products for all kinds of skin types!

I can't wait to try everything ! Already tried the water sleeping pack and I so love it!

I really learned a lot from the workshop and I am happy that I met some bloggers too! Thank you vey much Laneige for the invite, the freebies and the experience!

You can find Laneige in the following malls, Visit them!:
SM MOA, Shangrila, Trinoma, And Robinsons Place Manila

For more information about laneige visit their site:

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  1. lucky you! and yes koreans do have flawless faces or atleast most of them do ;)

  2. oh wow! the make-up looks so natural on her. i could use a workshop like this. i don't really wear make-up but i know i'll be needing this someday in the near future..that's why i'm thinking i should learn asap!
    Lucky you! :)

  3. You are so lucky! It must be a great event! :)


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