Huwebes, Agosto 04, 2011

MOTD: Smokey look using Black and Brown e/s

I remembered a while ago that my blog is exactly one month today! I'm really happy that I made this blog because first, I get to share my love for make up, second I also learn a lot from the lovely ladies that I follow and lastly I gained confidence with the help of this blog. Thank you to those who sent me sweet messages and for appreciating my blog! You guys are awesome!

And for my MOTD, this is a look I did a week ago. I almost forgot about  this post. 

So basically it is a smokey look using black and 2 shades of brown eye shadow. I used a black gel liner as  base to intensify the color.  I'm also thinking if I should do a tutorial on this look. What do you think? Yes?? 

Will post more details on my tutorial entry on this look! More than 3,000 hits in one month! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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  1. YES! Do the tutorial! Would love to know how to do the smokey eyes. I could never get it perfectly. Hahaha. Good job with the blog! Congrats on the 3k hits!



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