Miyerkules, Agosto 03, 2011

Make up Day in Tagaytay/Cousin's birthday

Hello LOVIES! Yesterday we went to Tagaytay for my cousin's 18th birthday celebration. It was raining cats and dogs here in Manila so imagine more in Tagaytay! I grabbed my favorite leather jacket and beanie. Luckily the weather became better in the afternoon but it was still so freaking cold! I was also the make up artist of my cousin for the day.
My favorite oxfords from Steve Madden

Don't you just love false eyelashes? I love wearing them especially when I have no e/s on! :)

Anyhoo, my boyfriend and cousin took some or should I say a lot of pictures while I was doing my cousin's make up and i loved it! Here are some of the pictures.

Here is a before and after picture. I wanted her make up to look really natural. It was a very intimate party. We celebrated it with the family and some of her friends. I used James Cooper cream foundation for her make up. Wait for my review on the product.

We had so much fun! Since the weather wass so cold, why not pretend we have snow?

That's all for my fun/make up day yesterday. 

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  1. You did her make-up really well! I like!! super like!


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