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My Current Favorite False Eyelashes

Hello lovies! I received few questions from my friends/twitter friends regarding false eyelashes that's why I decided to do this "eyelash related" post. I have very thin and short eyelashes that is why I love wearing faux lashes.

Here are some of the questions that I received.

1. Do I wear false eyelashes everyday?
Yes and No :) I only wear them on special occasions BEFORE but recently i'm loving wearing false eyelashes on normal days (movie date, friends night out). And I don't use the full length! I cut it in half and I apply the false eyelashes very close to my lashline for a more natural look. Don't forget to curl your lashes to combine your natural and fake eyelashes. You can also put mascara.

2. Where do I buy my faux lashes?
I don't buy expensive false eyelashes (200 & up) . There is a store near my house that sells false eyelashes for only 20/ pair and it is really good for everyday use.   I recently found a store that sell korean false eyelashes which is my current favorite. (more details later.) I also recommend false eyelashes from Etude house and Shawii.

3. Do I re-use my false eyelashes?
Yes :) as long as they are still in good condition. Make sure you remove them properly so you can use it again. Also clean it first by removing the remaining glue from previous use before applying glue again.

4. Where do I buy eyelash glue? What brand do I use?
Im using Aido Eye Putti now. I got it from SM department store for 160php. I also recommend Lashgrip which is available in Beautybar.

So now, for  my current favorite false eyelashes.

I got this DARKNESS lashes from Alabang Town Center. There is a store/stall right in front of Daiso that sells Korean Cosmetics. It costs Php70 only and this is re-usable. It also comes with a glue that is really effective. I love it's crisss-cross design. It may look too much or very unnatural but it's really not when you wear it.

Here is a picture of me wearing the lashes. And new hair for me! 

if you have any question or anything please leave a comment! :)

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  1. Nice hair! And your tips would come in handy when I finally decide to try them out again (after over a decade). :)

  2. Nice eyelashes. You look pretty with the lashes on.:)

  3. I love criss cross lashes too!

    My lip color in my post is MAC Pink Plaid

  4. this looks super nice on you! there have been many raves about darkness eyelashes. :)

  5. Very nice eyelashes!!, love them I'm looking for some like those, just found your blog hope you can come visit mine too, I'm your new follower :)


    My blog: My Guilty Little Pleasures



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