Martes, Setyembre 20, 2011

Blogapalooza experience!

Last September 17 was a very long day for me! It was my flight back here in Manila then I went home to take a quick nap and shower then I attended a bloggers event called Blogapalooza organized by When in Manila. It was held in Fully Booked Boni High. Basically, the event is all about building a connection of businesses to bloggers. To know more about what the event is, read my post here  . The event was attended by almost 150 bloggers and 30 companies. I had a lot of fun meeting fellow bloggers and knowing more about the companies that presented in the event.
white top from topshop, pink blazer from jakarta, pants from f21, shoes from chick flick
The only decent "outfit photo"  (without my bag!) 
All blog url-s of invited bloggers were written in the wall! Spot mine! How cool right? They also served very good food from Italiannis and Size matters.

The host and the man behind the event DJ Vince of When in Manila

And the pictures! Be warned! This is gonna be a photo heavy post! I will do a separate blog entry on each/most of the companies. Please click on the pictures to be directed on their sites.
Lay Bare
The pretty ladies from Lay Bare Waxing Salon explaining the benefits  of waxing. Can't wait to visit them this coming week! 

360 Fitness
 The walking photo booth! 
Tree Hugger
Sofitel Hotel Manila
Lazer Xtreme- Lazer Tag
Freestyle Ballers
The Boudoir Dolls
Size matters
Golden ABC
Polecats Manila
 Pictures with fellow bloggers!
 with Gellie and Kai
with Gie
with April & Jes

with April and my cousin Karla

And by the way, I won in the raffle! Yey! Lucky me! I won this gift pack from Blue water day Spa! I'll be doing a separate entry on what's inside !

Thank you to the companies that presented for being so generous and giving us freebies and gcs! I can't wait to use them!

THANK YOU SO MUCH BLOGAPALOOZA, WHEN IN MANILA AND TO ALL THE COMPANIES!  It was a very fun experience! Expect more blogapalooza post coming!

Here is the complete list of Companies/Partners of the event.

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  1. It must be a great experience! Congratulation that you won the prize. :)

  2. Congratulations! Too bad we were not able to meet. Hope to meet you at the next Blogapalooza event. =)


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