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Indonesia Trip! Outfit Diary

Hi lovies! I'm back on track after a week of hiatus! The reason behind my MIA was because I went on a vacation with my boyfriend. Where? In Jakarta!  I thought that our trip won't push through because of a lot of reasons but thanks to my awesome parents for allowing me to go on this trip! Traveling is another thing that is very close to my heart! This trip is my third international trip this year! One more please? *fingers crossed* I hope to finish South East Asia before I turn 25!

We stayed in Jakarta for almost three days.Let me share with you what I wore for this trip.

Forever21 blazer , pants from BKK, JC inspired shoes from Chick Flick

Mom's sheer top, pants from Forever21 , Michael Kors bag, JC inspired shoes from Chick Flick

Meet my new favorite shoes!! I want  to get them a long time ago but they are so expensive for someone jobless like me (original one). I saw this already on some online shops but it's pre-ordered. I don't really like waiting for something I bought online so imagine my happiness when I saw this pair in Chick Flick's stall in BF Ruins! I love the store so much! From clothes to shoes and one of a kind accessories , name it they have it! Plus their SA is so friendly! 

I didn't know that we will do a lot of shopping on our first day. We went to Manga Dua, it's like Jakarta's divisoria but 5x bigger! I survived a whole day of walking in these shoes! They are sky high yet so comfy! I can't wait to buy my next pair!

You can visit their store in Good Shepperd Bazaar/Ruins in BF, Paranaque.
Or visit their online sites:

til' my next post! drop some love!

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  1. wow you really do survive their wearing those..yay

  2. You have a great style! Like your outfit.
    Have a fun day. :)


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